Refund or Cancellation Policy

I. The policy of refund and cancellation

1.1. Policy of Refund and Cancellation is applied to both registered and unregistered users.

1.2. Refunds and Cancellations are carried out by two sections: The administration of the Website and/or the payment processor used by the user to purchase the membership. Please note that all refunds are concluded individually by both the website administration and payment processors. The terms and the conditions of the website and special payment processor are in good condition.

1.3. Payment processors customer support information:

1.4. If the refunds meet the following articles of the policy of a specific payment processor and “Terms and Conditions”, they will be put in operation:

1.4.1. If the demand for cancellation is made within 10 (ten) calendar days after the payment of the services, refund is done after the approval. If the demand for cancellation is taken within this time, the access of the user to the Website will be terminated immediately.  

1.4.2. Cancellation applications made after the final dates will not be suitable for refund.

1.4.3. Cancellation and refunds can be made only for the last period stated by the Website and paid by the user. In this case, the user cannot make cancellation for the period defined and paid before. For example if the user is charged for the period from 30th of June to 31st of July and then the user is charged for the period from 31st of July to 31st of August as well, in this case the user will only be able to make cancellation for the period from 31st of July to 31st of August.

1.4.4. All demands for refund must be done by the user or legal representative of the user.

1.4.5. All demands for refund must be forwarded via e-mail or fax in written and must be taken by the final cancellation date.

1.4.6. Refund cannot be done to the Website users who violate the “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy Policy” of the Website or any applicable law or regulation and who do not fulfill them (for example using the Website in connection with spam distribution) and/or make violations related to the administration or legal violations.

1.4.7. If the membership of the user is terminated based on the Part VI of  “Terms and Conditions”, the user does not have the right to demand any of subscription feed he/she used or did not use.

1.4.8. Any refund will not be made to the users of the Website who was reported by the other users and an investigation is launched for the activities of these users.

1.4.9. Refund is paid in the same way with the first payment made for the services.