Privacy Policy

The section below describes the terms of Privacy Policy that “Asya Telecommunication and Consultancy Services’’ determined for your access to the website (will be referred as ‘’Website’’ from now on) and examination. The mentioned Website is operated by “Asya Telecommunication and Consultancy Services’’(will be referred as “we” from now on), this is a limited responsible company in the borders of Turkish Republic. By using this Website, whether you are a registered member in the Website or not, you acknowledge that you are bound to and comply with the terms of Privacy Policy. Not using the Website in compliance with the terms of Privacy Policy stated below may lead to severe civil and legal penalties. Our right to change the terms of Privacy Policy mentioned hereby in any time is reserved. Your continuation of use the Website means that you acknowledge such changes. For these reasons, you should review the mentioned terms occasionally for such changes.

You declare to acknowledge the terms below by entering and/ or register in the Website:

1. Age Restrictions

1.1 You must be eighteen and over in order to enter this Website. The children under eighteen are forbidden to use our Website or the other services. We request their information from the children. Membership is invalid in the forbidden sections.

1.2 You acknowledge that you do not make a false statement in the issues below by using and/or display our Website:

1.2.1 You have the right, authority and capacity to be involved in this agreement and to abide by all terms and conditions of this agreement and you are at least 18 years old,

1.2.2 The access of the person or people under the age of majority to the material presented in this website will not be allowed,

1.2.3 You declare and promise that you do not and will not use or display the Website or the Websites in a forbidden zone- in other words in a place, country or region where making these will or may mean a violation to any law, regulation, rule, by-law, notice or tradition.

2. Information we gathered

2.1. You should give us certain and verifiable personal information in the process of registration to this Website, this information includes but not limited to your name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers and credit card and bank info. This information is used to contact the user about the services he/she expressed to be interested in. 

2.1.1. You will be given chance to present the information like your areas of interest, hobbies, your job etc. during the registration. 

2.1.2. In some cases, we may request additional information from you for security reasons or in order to offer you special services.

2.1.3. After the registration, you can visit your profile anytime you want and add supplementary personal information about yourself or delete them. About yourself; you can also add other basic information about the place you live, your family, your relations or other private opinions. Also again about yourself, you can add further information about your activities, areas of interest, contact information as well as your education and profession.

2.1.4. If the personal information of a user has changed (for example postal code) or if a user does not want to use our services any more, we make effort to edit, update or delete the personal information the user gives us. This process can easily be completed by using member info page or contacting to our Website admins.

2.1.5. Our right to change specific settings related to your account associated with the memberships, advertisements, product offers and marketing and advertising activities of this Website and including the news about the other instruments of content and services of specific terms is reserved.

2.2. We can hold the details of transfers and payments you make in this website. On the other hand, account number of the payment source will be hold only with your approval.

2.3. Info about the cookies. Cookies are little pieces of information kept in the hard disk of the user for a certain time by the web browser. These may save the information provided to a web site by the user in order to facilitate the further operations to be performed by the same user in the mentioned web site or to use the information related to the operations of the user in the related website.

2.3.1. Cookies make it easier for the user to go from one website to the other and to complete the operations on internet. 

2.3.2. We use the “cookies” for you to use this Website more easily, to make the advertisements in a better way and to protect both you and the Website.

2.3.3. In addition, in this Website, “cookies” are used to save and sometimes follow the information that will allow you to use your online experience more easily and more unique.

2.3.4. A major part of large network servers are designed as to accept cookies at firs, however you can change the settings of your computer to make it warn you when a cookie is uploaded or to make it impossible for the third parties to upload a cookie in your computer. If you use the option for refusal of all cookies, there may be some zones that this Website cannot function in the most convenient way.

2.4. Our right to use your IP address to determine and clearly share your location is reserved.

2.5. If you send us personal correspondence like e-mail or letter or the other users of this Website or third parties forward us information about your activities or your mails in this Website; our right to keep such information in a file which only our authorized personnel or representatives can reach to is reserved.

2.6. In this Website, there may be a function to allow you to talk about our services to your friend or friends. In this case, we request you to want names and e-mail addresses from your friends and invite them to our Website by sending an invitation e-mail. We will keep this information only to send e-mail and to follow the status of the one recommended. Your friend or friends can contact us to delete their e-mail addresses from our records.

2.7. There may be connection links in this Website to the other sites. You should note that we are not responsible for the privacy applications of other websites. We encourage our users to read the privacy policies of every website of any kind that gather personal information after leaving our website. The privacy policy here can be applied only to the information gathered by this Website.

3. How do we use the information gathered?

3.1. We use the information gathered in order to provide a safe, effective and unique experience. Main purpose of the use of gathered information is to present our service and properties to you, to assess and develop these services and properties and give you a customer support.

3.2. We use gathered information internally in order to develop our marketing studies, analyze the use of the Website, develop the content and product offers and to change the content of the Website and its design according to the demands of the customer. These usages enable us to improve this Website and to make your online experience better.

3.3. In some cases, we can also use this information gathered in order to forward the information that match with your areas of interest like advertisements and promotions.

3.4. In addition, we can send you periodic information updates via e-mail, phone number and/or other contact sources.

3.5. We can use the information we gathered in order to solve the conflicts, determine the problems and to make people implement the rules, agreements and policies which enable the administration of this Website. 

4. Disclosure of the information gathered

4.1. IT IS OUT OF QUESTION for us to sell or rent your personal information to the third parties for the purpose of marketing without your approval. On the other hand, we provide the information we gathered to our service providers (like credit card companies, invoicing services) in order to give these services in the Website when necessary.

4.2. We provide the information as a whole to the advertisers for the purpose of marketing and promotion. On the other hand, in these cases, we DO NOT PROVIDE any information to be used in the personal description of you like the password of your account, credit card number and bank account number.

4.3. In the compulsory (necessary) demands regarding the government and/or the third parties, we may provide your personal information with an order of court, citation or search warrant.

4.4. We hereby clearly declare that our right to provide your personal information in order to protect our rights or to enforce our agreements, policies and rules which determine the way you use the Website or to make a cooperation voluntarily with the requests of legal sanction is reserved.

4.5. In the case that our property status regarding all our activities or a part of them changes, we can transfer your information to the new owner of the business in order to continue the service. In such a case, your information will keep being bound to the undertakings given in any Privacy Policy existed before.

5. E-mails sent from the Website

5.1. If you don’t want to take any more e-mails, you can unsubscribe by performing one of the following:

·                     Click on one of the “unsubscribe” link in any mail sent by the Website.

·                     Or login and go to your profile and click on “My Profile” in the menu. Then click on “e-mail” and remove the mark in the box of “I want to take e-mail notifications for the new messages”. 

5.2. E-mails are sent by

6. About the use of your membership information

6.1. Whether private or not, you cannot use information of another member for the commercial purposes and the purposes of sending spam, abuse or threat illegally. Our right to end the memberships of the ones who uses the information of the others malevolently and violate any agreement, policy or rule that administrate the use of this Website is reserved.

7. Member conflicts.

7.1. You are the only responsible for the interactions with the other members. Because we do not deal with the interactions between member. In the case that you have any conflict with a member or more or with any person who sends e-mail to this Website, displays it or uses the information here; you acknowledge here that we are including our workers, administrators, agencies, subsidiary companies and personnel exempt from any kind of claim, demand or damage arisen in connection with such conflicts as known or unknown, doubted or undoubted, expressed or closed.     

8. Security

8.1. In this Website, convenient security measures are used in order to prevent the loss, improper use and change of the information under our control and to protect them.


9. Waiver of Notice

9.1. We and our officers, administrators, agencies, subsidiary companies and workers are not responsible for any wrong or improper content sent to this Website whether they are created  by the users, members or equipment and programs related to them used in the mentioned service or any operations made by any user and/or member as online or offline.  

9.2. We do not accept any responsibility for any situation like error, negligence, cut, deletion, failure, delay in operation or communication, interruption in the communication lines, theft or destruction or unauthorized access or change. 

9.3. We do not accept any responsibility for the failures based on the technical problems in any telephone networks and lines, online systems, servers or server providers of the computers, computer equipment, software, e-mail or players or any problem or technical failure arisen because of a congestion in internet or any website or a combination of these all; the damages suffered by user and/or members or any person connected with the mentioned computers or participation of these people in the materials related to the website and/or service or the damages caused by the uploading them are included.

9.4. We declare that under any conditions we will not be responsible for any loss or damage arisen from the use of Website or the service by any person and/or the content sent to the website or forwarded to the members.

10. Responsibility restriction

10.1. In any situation except from the area of authorization where such provisions are restricted (in that case the responsibility is waived to the largest extent permitted by the law), we declare that we will not be responsible for any damage which is indirect, grounded from another reason, served as a model, coincidental, particular or necessitates a penalty including the loss of the profits arisen from the use of the Website.

11. Prerequisites of this Privacy Policy

11.1. This Website reserves the single and absolute discretion of revising, improving, amending or repealing this Privacy Policy in any time and in the largest extent permitted by the law.

11.2. All changes made in this policy will be valid from the date of submission date.

11.3. Controlling the Privacy Policy and the terms for the use of the Website is under your responsibility.